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PANOkandela – panoramic candle light

PANOkandela is a illuminating table top accessory with the concept of exchangeable panoramic images. Its construction of a glass cylinder preserves wind protection for a candle light. The flickering candle light breathes live into the panoramic image so that it works fine as an eye-catcher on every table. Even on a sunny window sill, PANOkandela is able to shine with natural light.

The base of the PANOkandela consists of a round plate made of white biscuit porcelain manufactured by Ivana Musilová. The light is embedded in a mould and the cylindric glass is hold by the increased edge. The panorama photo is printed on duratrans like the panorama lampshade. The owners can optionally make their own panorama
photo printouts, laminate them and create a non-standard PANOkandela wind light - ideally also as gift idea.
PANOkandela candle light