Where to find us
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Where to find us

Located in the Cologne City quartier "Pantaleonsviertel" between "Sachsening" street and "Ulrichgasse", you can comfortably find us with tramway or by car.

Journey by tram: starting from central railway station "Hauptbahnhof" take the "KVB" tram and follow the statements of the "Where to find us"-plan.

Journey by car: coming from the north on the Ulrichgasse, behind the ramp to the Severinsbruecke (bridge) take the second road on the right. From the Sachsening street coming to the Ulrepforte turn on the Ulrichgasse and then the second or third road left. Coming cross the Severinsbruecke, behind the second bridge on the right you are directed to the Ulrichgasse, behind the Severinsbruecke it is the second road on the right.

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